The new and improved Nintendoid, we will be focusing on the UK! If it was a UK exclusive release, an event that happened or even what was used to promote the game we aim to showcase it here!

Hi all, welcome to the new look for Nintendoid. Over the years I have changed the design and concept of Nintendoid many times, to the point I forgot what really inspired me to create the website. So going back to basics we spent some time over the holiday break last year and thought about what was my original goal when buying the domain name back 20 years ago. Living in the UK it seems we are always looking to the East or West to what is happening in the gaming industry for more than just news, we look at what they collect and we even import games to play not just unreleased PAL games (mainly as older UK games are 50hz). Since owning my first system the majority of my gaming was spent playing PAL systems and my brother is telling me we should be “PAL Proud”.

This time I actually think he is right and that we should be proud of our PAL systems and embrace we got dealt a bad deal with 50hz gaming but we regional changes, game name changes, game exclusives, an official magazine and even national events. A lot of these things have never been documented on websites or only mentioned briefly in USA websites, this is where I want Nintendoid to fill this void.

Nintendoid’s new aim is to highlight to others what the UK got and what exclusives we are still getting today, things that UK collectors or enthusiast can look out for while game hunting.

Initially I will highlight some articles of oddities I have found while try to complete my UKV NES collection, other articles and databases will be added for other Nintendo systems when we come across them. If you are a collector and have something which was a UK exclusive please contact us as we can add it to the website for future reference.

So hopefully you will find something here for you and help you identify some lost treasure or just see something from your childhood that brings back happy memories.