Get Happy with Pokémon at McDonald’s

For a limited time, look for Legendary Pokémon figures and Pokémon TCG promo cards in McDonald’s Happy Meals.
Happy Meals at participating McDonald’s restaurants will feature a toy figure of a Legendary Pokémon (8 different Pokémon ), as well as 1 of 12 promo cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The cards feature a special foil treatment that can only be found in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

The Legendary Pokémon-themed Happy Meals won’t be around long, and they’re only available until the 5th February.

As a Nintendo/Pokémon collector, the toys hold no real value to me. Therefore these are opened and the kids are allowed to throw these around and play with them until they end up being given to a charity shop with a bunch of other unused toys.
For me the Pokémon TCG promo cards have my attention. Before we had
Pokémon TCG all the kids collected football sticker books (plus others) and the aim of completing a book was the pride of the school play-ground. Then in 1999 Pokémon Trading Card Game was released and my younger brothers bought some of these cards and the completionist in me saw a new set. Even though there was no book to store them in, they were numbered and this was all that was needed to begin a folder and collect.

Now 20 years later I find myself still trying to complete Pokémon TCG sets, my kids however see the cards as game and should be played (I know right?). So we compromise with a single copy of each card being saved and put straight into a folder with all doubles being used as Pokémon decks. If however the kids want a card for a deck from the folder they play with them in sleeves so they are protected (or atleast till I can buy them a replacement card from eBay).

So what does this set contain, well there is 12 promotion cards with a unique icon . It is stated that they come with a special foil treatment which can only be found on these cards, not sure if this is to help with them being next to hot fast food rather than stored in a booster packet or if that because they are already available in the Sun & Moon TCG collections and this makes them different. Anyway the cards are as follows:

  • 01  Growlithe (21/149 Sun & Moon Base Set)
  • 02  Psyduck (28/149 Sun & Moon Base Set)
  • 03  Horsea (29/147 Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows)
  • 04  Pikachu (30/111 Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion)
  • 05  Slowpoke (48/145 Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising)
  • 06  Machop (63/145 Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising)
  • 07  Cubone (52/111 Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion)
  • 08  Magnemite (80/156 Sun & Moon: Ultra Prism)
  • 09  Dratini (94/149 Sun & Moon Base Set)
  • 10  Chansey (101/145 Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising)
  • 11  Eevee (101/149 Sun & Moon Base Set)
  • 12  Porygon (103/147 Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows)

With around two weeks left of the promotion at McDonald’s and only having 4/12 cards we will be returning a couple more times. If anyone ends up with some spares then please join my discord and we can do some swaps or if you collect the toys then post in there and your welcome to mine.